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Yellow root: This Thursday!

Yellow root in bloom

Our plant for the month is the bodacious yellow root, which loves rocky streamsides in North Georgia.

Berberine is the active ingredient that give yellow root some of its power – but there’s lots more information to be had about this wonderful plant’s properties, so start doing your homework!

WATCH OUT – there is misinformation at eHow and other sites.  Hydrastis canadensis = goldenseal, and Xanthorhiza simplicissima = yellow root. They both have berberine, and treat many of the same health problems – yellow root is used as a substitute for goldenseal – but they are not the same plant.

We’ll meet this Thursday, April 26 at 7 pm, at the Creative and Performing Arts Academy – 95 Whitfield Drive, Jasper. [View Map · Get Directions]

Can’t make it? Please, if you have not already done so, click here to tell us your preference for a meeting time.


  1. What you learned in research
  2. Contribution for the room rental (a dollar or two each if there are 10+ people)
  3. Grain alcohol if you want to make tincture / or a contribution for someone else’s supply
  4. A jar if you would like to take home some of the communal tincture we make
  5. Fresh yellow root if you can gather from private property – here’s some detailed illustrations to help you identify it