Heal the heart with Hawthorn


NEXT SUNDAY, Feb. 10, join us at Whitestone Farm, Talking Rock – 3 to 6 pm.

Our Herb to Study – Hawthorn. And we’ll have discussion on herbs for the heart.

We will also tour some of Whitestone Farm. If you haven’t been to Whitestone Farm, you will enjoy this outing. If you have, you know how wonderful it is there already! 🙂
Info about the Farm: click here 
Directions: Click here

Our group will give donations to go toward the purchase of Hawthorn tree(s) to be on Whitestone Farm. Please consider donating money either before or during this meeting for this. Thanks!

Other meetings of the herbalists coming up this year:
March 24 – Red Clover
April 7 – Kudzu and other Medicinal Invasives
May 4 – Herb Day Celebration
June 22 – Summer Solstice
July 28 – Passionflower Harvesting
September 21 – Seed collection techniques
October 20 – Review of sessions from the Southeast Women’s Herbalist Conference
November 10 – Sharing Blanket and Swap
Please join us – it’s lots of fun, and everyone has knowledge to share and things to learn.

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